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    I'm doing this update blind right now. I'll report any issues, or improvements as soon as it's done.

    Anyone done yet?

    edit... I have finished the update with no problems. (make sure you have a good backup of course). The update notes just claim this is just for stability upgrades and such.

    No issues so far.
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    Got the update notice from Alltel on my 755p and my 700p. Didn't want to be the first one to try it!!!

    Please check MyTreo app and see if they took away the ability to STOP auto-update of MyTreo App. This seems to be a problem for VZW and Sprint updates. To check: in MyTreo dropdown menu tap the update button. A screen should appear that tells if auto-update is off or on, and have a checkbox to activate. If this is not present in the update, I STRONGLY recommend not updating

    Auto-updating is causing lots of problems. I had 238 minutes of overages on my 700p w/o a data plan. I got charged for minutes of use when my 700p auto-updated for about 1/2 hour/day one week in the middle of the afternoon while the phone was at home not being used. Had to have Alltel turn off all data access to that phone to avoid this problem as 700p does not have the 755p ability to turn off auto-update.
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    There is an option to turn off auto updating now.
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    Has anyone tried it on a 700p?
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