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    Hello all
    Bought a centro today, nice form factor and I hope not as bad as my 680.

    Can I ask you fellow Centro users: with the hard buttons ( phone, home, calender and mail ), I notice the feel of the buttons are not the same.
    The phone and home button on the top row, are a harder to press, with more resistance, compared to the calender and mail buttons (lower row) - easier to depress.

    When I have a closer look - the home button particurlarly seems to 'bow' out and doesn't align flush with the mail button.

    I presume my phone was in a bad batch group, but do you notice this with your centro? I was wondering if this was a design fault?

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    It SHOULD NOT bow out and ALL buttons should require the same pressure to push. You should return the phone.
    Florida Tony
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