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    my centro after listening to music via pocket tunes through the headphone adaptor will cease after a short amount of time. does this happen to anyone else? After about an hour or so it will return. when the music ceases it just doesnt produce sound but the application continues to play music, as the time elapse keeps moving. any ideas what the problem might be? very frustrating when i am on a jog.

    please help

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    Is there any chance that you've bumped the headphone plug loose a little bit, enough to stop hearing sound but not enough to return sound to the built-in speaker? You mentioned being on a jog; it seems like it would be possible for this to happen. If it's not that, perhaps it's a loose connection between the headphones and device. I have some headphones that don't always work well unless I wiggle the plug around a bit. You wouldn't hear sound if you muted it, but I don't think you're likely to flip the ringer switch to mute (and back) by accident. I don't know why the program would play without sound, so if it's not either of these, I'm not sure what it is. Sorry, I can't be of more help, but I hope this is of some use.

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