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    Does anyone know of a good Palm OS app that will help me keep track of my university timetable without carrying around the piece of paper?

    I'd also like to be able to track my grades (not that they ever give our assignments or grades back, but anyway).

    i'm in my last semester of a post-grad degree. I'm using a Centro.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    I never had that much trouble remembering my schedule in school, so I didn't use an application for that. However, you might want to consider the freeware program Due Yesterday. I remember looking at it in the past, and I think it will do what you want. I hope this helps.
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    For your schedule, you could simply enter your first week of classes into the calendar and then set weekly repeats for those events for X number of weeks. When you need to alter something (spring break, etc) you can simply delete that one event and it will list it as an exception to the recurring event.

    For the grades, why not just use a spreadsheet? Each class is going to grade differently and that would give you some flexibility. Plus you'd be able to bounce it back and forth between a computer and your phone.
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    Make a sheet in Excel, you can use it in DTG that runs nativley.
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    i often use the built-in calendar to manage my university schedule
    and so far so well
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    Maybe RNS:: Student? Simple and free :-)
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    I use 2day ( as my daily calendar and love it. I first got it a couple years ago when I was still in school to help keep track of my schedule and I liked it so much it just kinda stuck with me!
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    My suggestion is instead of using the built in calendar, I highly recommend using DateBk6, along with Icon Manager.

    You could set it up where each class can have it's own icon, and even "Exams" have an icon. At a quick glance, you can easily see what classes you have, and when your Exams are. You can sort to show just exams, or just classes, etc.

    You could also try Agendus, instead of DateBk6, however, what I like about DateBk6 (and which I have been using for years) is that the developer is very responsive and active in this Yahoo group.

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