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    i can't get my music on my treo 755p - i dont want to buy PT delux and i do have Kinoma- unfortunately, my mini card computer reader is not working

    is there a way to upload the mp3 without using Pocket Tunes Delux ? when the phone is connected to the computer?

    thanks in advance and go Iphone
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    ................... and go Iphone

    I would highly suggest getting the program Card Reader and installing it on your treo if your hardware card reader is not working. With this program, your treo will be recognized as an external drive on your computer and you can just drag and drop all of your .mp3 files onto your card. If there is not one already, create a folder called Music on your card and put your files in there. then you can play them using the Pocket Tunes that comes on the 755.
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    Just a quick question: are they nonDRM mp3 files or something else. That could have an effect on the answer.

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