Hi, I just changed my phone from a SAMSUNG I500 to a Treo 650.

The Treo I bought was originally from Earthlink Wireless (USA) and I'm using it with a Mexican CDMA Carrier (Iusacell). Calls and SMS work. I don't have a data plan but with the I500 I used to connect via CDMA MODEM, dialing #777, user and password and I could navigate, retrieve emails, etc.

I have Tried every option with the 650 (vritual Modem, standard mothem, High speed wireless)..but I just get a "connecting to..." screen that stays there and after a while dissapears. I don't think that the phone is even trying to connect since I can't see any data Icons appearing on the screen.

Anyone can help me please?


***The phone screen also shows a Roaming Indicator even if I'm in my zone, but this is minor since Iusacell says that I'm not getting roaming charges for this.