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    I deleted VersaMail with a custom ROM some time ago. Been using Chatter for microsoft exchange email, but now my company upgraded to Exchange 07 and now I can't get my corporate email with Chatter. I've heard versa still works, but I no longer have it. So, I found it online, downloaded it, but when i clicked on "Email" there was nothing there. How do I re-add Versamail?
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    What Device?

    If it is in rom a hard reset will bring it back.
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    Treo 680.

    So a hard reset, followed by backup restore should be ok?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinner23 View Post
    Treo 680.

    So a hard reset, followed by backup restore should be ok?
    That would do it, or you can just get Versamail here:

    I did this on my 680 a few weeks ago and it worked like a charm.
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    Why do you think Chatter doesn't work with Exchange 2007? I am about to upgrade and that could pose a huge a problem.
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    My corporate mail upgraded to 07 and now the IMAP server doesn't work on Chatter. Frustrating.


    I downloaded/added the versa mail files. When i click on "Email" in Apps, it says "A new version of versa has been found would you like to use it? Yes/No". I click "yes" then another popup comes up with an "X" on it and it takes me back to Apps. Is there something else I need to do to get it going? Something in File Z?

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