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    I bought an ATT GSM Centro, then got an unlock code to use it with my T-Mobile SIM card. Things have been great and I can successfully use my T-Zones for internet.

    However, there's this application called MyCentro on the device. I've have owned my phone for approx 1.5 weeks and suddenly, it has started to open the MyCentro application on its own and connect. I find the phone with error messages that it couldn't connect. I then tried to update it myself and I see it connecting to T-Zones but whenever it says "Connecting to My Centro Server" it ends with "Cannot connect to server"

    What is my phone trying to update and can I get it to stop trying so that I can update whatever it is manually? I don't mind downloading from the site and syncing. But I think that it's chewing up battery power trying to sync every so often and failing every time.
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    In the My Centro app, if you press the menu key you can get into the update functionality. You can turn auto update off there (at least in the CDMA version you can). As far as I know, it just updates itself (manual, support, free downloads, etc)
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    THANKS SO MUCH! I was blind and didn't see that dropdown for "Auto Update" (too many words around it...)

    I called support and begged them to turn off the updating and they said I couldn't delete the application. I didn't want to delete it, I wanted it to stop updating. So, after multiple hard resets and soft resets, they said "click disconnect on the network". HUH? So he said "Now it'll only try to update when you use the internet" Yup...that's a solution, never use the internet and it'll never attempt to update (of course, I didn't believe that either since it had attempted to update when I wasn't connected to the internet).

    What they didn't tell me was that you can't "sync" to get your programs or settings back, only the data. So I spent another 2 hours reinstalling the programs and getting all the settings right. All the keys were lost so I'm having to search to find all the keys for the software.

    When I got angry that they made me lose everything and never fixed the problem he claimed that a 3rd party software was causing it to attempt to update! Yup...I'm sure that a bug in another program would cause MyCentro to attempt to update itself.

    ARGH!!!! 2 agents who couldn't figure out that you just use the dropdown!

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