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    Been a happy 755p user for several moons

    Used PDANet with no issues seen

    dslreports/speedtest ~345kbps (better than the ~85kbps that 650 did)

    Noticed the "3G boost" checkbox in settings and was intrigued

    Maybe I can get 500kbps - i thought with greed

    instead - got the bane of all tetherers

    yes, only error = 720 (state = 6) on screen

    reboot once, reboot twice - no difference was seen

    reset once, reset twice - you guessed it - again

    "Go to Gates of Xanadu" said FabricsJune

    Found myself with undecipherable KB 810979

    Who said, you're so screwed, you swine

    Must uninstall tcp/ip, miniport & wan pppoe

    That didn't make sense to me

    So just deleted all extra network connections, i did

    Also removed some extraneous devices, and finally...

    oh joy, my UN-3g boosted connection is back

    i can write this ode and things are on track

    I love my UN-3g and will never look in the direction

    of this so called 3G Boost temptation
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    Did you just sing that to the forums? If so, we need a "to the tune of" to properly enjoy it!
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    it's an 'ode'.

    An ode is not sung. It's merely lyrical prose.
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    after i started writing my post, it just seemed to flow like a lyric, so i tried. obviously my first attempt at verse

    didn't have a tune in mind and also, just called it an "ode" because that's the 1st thing that came to mind.

    thanks for the attention though

    on a more serious note, has anyone had luck with this 3G boost thing? in case it wasn't clear already, it totally freaked me out.
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    I stand corrected!

    I've never personally heard of 3G Boost until now, but I can tell you that I would be extremely suspicious of any software that claimed to increase the speed of your EV-DO connection, tethered or not.

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