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    Hey gang,

    This might belong in the "Sync" forum, and not the "Centro" forum. Since most of the issues in the "Sync" forum dealt with a Treo 650, I decided to start a new thread.

    I'm having a problem with my Centro in that the Calendar and the Address Book wont sync. Anything that I add to the palm desktop wont go over to the phone. I've been with the online chat with the Palm for close to four hours, and they couldn't help me fix the problem.

    Let me go over some preliminary things before you all suggest the obvious...
    1. I've checked the hotsync settings on my Palm Desktop. The contacts & calendar are set to sync.
    2. I've done a soft reset
    3. I've done a hard reset and synced (in restoring, everything from the desktop went to the phone. However, new items to the desktop wouldn't sync to the phone).
    4. I've tried uninstalling the Palm Desktop and reinstalling with the newest version that just came from palm.
    5. One of the tech support guys had me edit the registry and reinstall the palm desktop (he assured me it would work).

    STILL ... NOTHING!!!

    If anyone has any suggestions, it would be a favor to me, your God, and your country. Thanks for any and all help in advance.


    PS - Can I tell you that I hate tech support.
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    I've also been experiencing the same problem with my Sprint Centro since around March. Have followed all the same steps and still cannot sync the Contacts or Address Book.

    Anyone find a way to solve this issue?
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    Quick question: are you using Versamail with an Active Exchange Server (AES)? If so, that disables the local syncing of contacts and calendar as it is to be done through the Exchange Server.
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    I figured out what the problem was. I'm posting this just in case anyone else has the same problem.

    I end up putting a lot of third party programs on my centro. I think some of them were starting to conflict with the normal operation of the device. So this is what I did.

    1. I backed up everything to another place on my hard drive.
    2. I completely uninstalled the palm desktop (I even deleted the folder where my palm desktop files were located. Remember, I still have the back-up on another part of my hard drive).
    3. I reinstalled the palm desktop
    4. In the "TS" folder, I put back the following folders from my back-up; address, datebook, DocsToGo, memopad, Photos, and todo.

    Now I'm slowly adding the applications that I REALLY want, to make sure that they're not conflicting with normal operations. I had to re set my Versamail up. That's a little bit of a pain. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't causing any problems.

    I hope that this helps out someone in the future. Thanks for the advice that people gave me. Be blesssed.
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    As I was driving to an event yesterday, I forgot one CRUCIAL step to fixing this sync problem. Let's call it steps 5, 6, & 7

    5. Do a hard reset of your Palm Centro. You can do this by taking out the battery. When you stick the battery back in, you hold the red power button. After the Palm logo appears for a second time, you can take your finger off the red power button. Then press up on the five way toggle switch. This will completely erase your centro and re-establish the factory settings.

    6. Sync your Centro with your computer. This should put your datebook, contacts, to do list, and memos back on the device.

    7. Start reinstalling applications a few at a time. After you install a few applications, use your Centro for a few days to make sure that there is no conflict between the third party applications and your device. After it works fiine for a couple days, add a few more applications. Repeat until you either have all of your third party applications back on the device or you discover which application is causing the problem.
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    This is what everyone should do when a problem is found that cannot be diagnosed within a reasonable period of time.

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