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    I find it incredibly frustrating that when in Contacts if I start typing the company name it will only narrow it down if I do not have a person's name attached to it. Is there any way to force palm to only show company names instead of first and last names? I already have Takephone but I really don't want to have to exit the Contact app go to Takephone and have to click 3 more buttons when I could do it much faster if there was some sort of hack that would allow me to do so without leaving my Contacts app.
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    The only workaround I have found is to use the "find" function (Special + SHIFT) when you are in the contacts App. Enter the company name that you want to look-up and search for it.
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    I can't believe that no one has created a hack on this. It's the most annoying feature that Palm has changed!
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    Actually, I find the whole "find" process annoying. Unlike what it says in the "Now you know Treo 680" book, which indicates that whatever program you're in it will search first, I find that it first searches Datebook 6 appointments, then to do's, then a bunch of other programs BEFORE it finally arrives at the contacts - when I was in the contacts program to begin with! Very frustrating....
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    Probably not the solution you are looking for, but Initiate, by makes that feature available, but only from the Initiate launcher screen.

    I use it for that purpose a LOT, and find it very useful.
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    If you have takephone already, why use the contact app at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    If you have takephone already, why use the contact app at all?
    Because I thought it would become 2nd nature by now to click on the icon when I needed to search but for some reason I still find myself frustratingly typing in a company name in Contacts - mostly when I'm on the phone with someone and feeling rushed. When I have time to think I always go through Takephone but I'd like to have the option of searching by company when my limited brain is busy thinking of something else.
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    Click on the icon? I'm not sure I follow. Have you made TakePhone the default app assigned to the phone button? Do that and you don't need to click an icon to start Takephone.

    And takephone searches on company names just fine, even with no first or last name associated with it.
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    well, not to beat a dead horse - even using Takephone there is still the issue with the "Lookup" function within Takephone. You still end up searching through the default Contacts database. I'll just really lame having to guess exactly who the primary contact I have listed for a certain company when many of my companies have 4-10 contacts - the rest of which I list in the notes section.
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    I'm not sure what more you want Takephone to do, you can search every field. But if you have a good idea, you should make a suggestion to Shimon. He seems to always be open to improving his apps.
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    I don't understand what you're saying, truspark. With TP, I can search for a company name without having any idea who the contact name(s) is. In fact, I have a number of company entries with no contact name at all. I can type "IBM" (as an example), and get a list of like this:

    IBM, Doe, John
    IBM, Smith, Jane
    IBM, Smith, John
    IBM, Williams, Mary

    If I listed them all under one entry, with contacts in the Notes, I'd only get:

    IBM, Last, First

    But I still don't need to know or guess a name to do the search.

    What more do you want?
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    Are you sure you have TakePhone set to search the company field?

    In the Prefs, you want Find. Match: fields In: Last, First, and Company. I don't remember whether the Turbo has an effect or not. Mine is unchecked.
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    Use Phone Magic.
    It's old but works like a charm!
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    If the Find feature of TAKEphONE is configured correctly and Turbo mode is not selected, then the Find in TAKEphONE will locate contacts by entering data from up to 2 fields within a record. I often enter part of a company, then a keyword entered in one of the Custom fields or the attached Note.

    If you want/need more powerful searching, you can use FindWiz. You can create a search to query only ContactsDB and search on as many criteria as you like. This approach isn't as integrated or pretty as TP though

    Oh, and don't overlook the 39 page .pdf manual included in the .zip download of TAKEphONE!
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    i'd like to mention a program called TAKEPHONE!

    buy it, you will like it
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    There is really nothing Shimon can do for my problem I don't think unless he modifies the "Lookup" feature in 2day because when I set a meeting using that program it defaults to searching through the Palm contact database which is only searchable by name.
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    Oh, I think I know what you're talking about now. Do you want to look up companies for the location when setting up a meeting? That makes sense becaue you can only look up people, which isn't a location. I think Shimon would at least look into that and let you know if it's too much work or not. I agree with you though, that would be useful.
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    If the problem is 2day, change the helpers in 2day to use takephone instead of contacts.
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    I have tried using Takephone as the lookup helper in 2day but it causes my 700p to reset. Does it work for you? I have asked Shimon if Takephone works for the lookup in 2day and he said it doesn't. Maybe I have a conflict and he misunderstood my question, but I don't that this will work.
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    Works fine for me. I would guess he misunderstood. The lookup is no different than strting to type a name in 2day and having it search in takephone.
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