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    Okay so I've seen that some people have this problem, but I can't actually find a solution.

    I had a treo700p with the old firmware, it broke, I got a new one with the new firmware and now it does the fade-in for all types of tones (preceded by the dtmf beep.) Also, the little green check icon that tells me if texts were received doesn't appear.

    I'm on verizon, and this is an extremely annoying bug that shouldn't be happening. Has anyone found a solution yet? Thanks.
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    upgrade to the 755p software
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    It's not much of a solution, but I've read in many threads here that people solved it by shutting off the system sound.

    But as mentioned by SunDevil, the 755p software doesn't carry over these issues.
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    How does one go about doing that?
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    Well.. I read this thread:

    and losing capability of MMS isn't worth it. What else you got?

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