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    I have now purchased my fourth bluetooth headset for my treo! This latest one is a Treo Headset which should work the best?!. Anyway, I'm able to answer calls from the headset automatically, but I am unable to establish audio from the headset when I make an outgoing call from the phone. Audio stays with the phone. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Audio through the headset doesn't work "automatically" nor when I press the "multi function" button. Thanks!
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    I don't know if you have found the answer to your problem yet, but I too had the exact same problem and I finally solved it yesterday. Going into the Menu, click on Bluetooth. Turn on if it's not turned on already. Then go down to the bottom and click on the "setup devices", then click on "Hands free set up". Then click on "Next". The top pull down menu will say "nearby devices". Pull the menu down and then click on "Trusted Devices". You will see the bluetooth that you have connected to in the box below. Tap on it to highlight it, Then click "OK". You may have to enter your passkey for the device which will either be " 0000 " or " 1234" Once you do that, it is locked together. I was playing with my phone trying to figure it out and my headset was hanging on the mirror in my truck in the driver way. It locked on. If I dialed a call, it would lock onto the bluetooth right away. This should solve your problem.

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