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    Any one know if the withdrawal of support for the Sprint 755p and ThB handsfree kit is temporary?

    In the last two weeks I acquired a 755p and downloaded the appropriate carkit prc for the THB cradle from Palm's website. It was working for me.

    I did the rom update to 1.07 today and discovered the link to the THB cradle prc had been removed from the Palm site and the phone was now listed as not supported.

    Will support be restored or is there a way to go back to the prior rom version?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Once you flash the ROM with a new, you can't go back at all.
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    Sprint was kind enough to swap my phone for a 755p 1.04 version so that I could use the THB carkit.
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    Since we're on the topic... I've been debating whether or not to update my Sprint 755p to 1.07. Did you notice any real benefit after the update? Anyone have any detail on what is changed in the update?

    Thanx in advance... L8R

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