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    I'm having an issue with my Treo and how it works with Ford's Sync system, and am looking for some help. I've got my Treo 700p paired as my primary phone with my Sync system. It was working just fine until last week, when it did one of it's famous self-induced resets. After it did that, it wouldn't work properly with Sync. At first Sync couldn't find my phone, which was because all the Bluetooth info had been lost on my phone. So I re-paired the phone, and Sync found it. But then the problem became that when I tried to place a call, the Sync voice feature stopped working as soon as Sync dialed a number. The voice activation system works, right up until it dials the phone, and then the sound stops being broadcast over the stereo, similar to how Privacy mode works, but it's not in Privacy mode. So for the actual phone call, I have to use my phone normally, without any Bluetooth (I don't have any other Bluetooth accessories, like the earpieace - the car is the only Bluetooth device I use with the phone). The weird thing is that if a call is INCOMING, it works normally! It's only outgoing calls that won't work.

    The dealership is stumped. Ford says it's never heard of this problem and they think it's my phone that's the problem, which is entirely possible. Is there anything on the phone that I can check to see if it's interfering with Sync working properly? They mentioned that some phones have a "handset only" feature that prevents the phone from working with Bluetooth, but when I go to the Bluetooth menu on the phone everything is set properly as far as I can tell.

    Any ideas?
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    Any chance you use a backup program that would allow you to restore your treo pre reset to see if it works correctly then?
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    Do a search here for "Sync + Ford". You'll find a thread that I was able to help a friend/customer with (I work at a Ford dealership service dept). The one about the 755 has some good info.
    My friend was having problems with his phone dropping the connection. If you take a look at these threads you might be able to have some success.
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