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    Ok, so i did over 10 hours of research trying to get a working program that makes the treo 755 into a webcam. Palm webcam stopped updating it's software so it only works for older versions of the phone.

    Does anyone know of any new program that does this? Maybe i didnt research hard enough.

    But, anyways for those who have opera mini, you had to install J2ME right for the java in order for opera to work. Now, offers a BLUETOOTH connection webcam app for JAVA enabled phones. I have tested this program out and i can't get to work. I'm not that tech savvy, so many some other people can get it to work? I also understand if this would work it would be a treo - pc connection, i have a mac so maybe i can just set up the bluetooth link and use it as a webcam anyways?

    Also, excuse my grammar. It sucks. Thanks!
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    Given that they do not list Palm Treos as supported devices, I'd say the chances of getting it to work are pretty slim.
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    Try this -> - they have a Palm webcam - I hear the next version may include newer Treo's like the 755p.

    Edited: Oops! just saw you had version number 1.03 - maybe the same one we are talking about?
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