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    I'm a registered Missing Sync 5.x owner who's upgraded to Leopard. I see that Leopard support is only offered if you upgrade to 6.0, and the upgrade price is $24.95, which I think is rather steep considering the large bug list.

    So, for those who are using Missing Sync for PalmOS on OS X 10.5, how are things going? Are you seeing these bugs? Do most features work well? Any data corruption problems, etc? I'm trying to decide whether it makes sense to upgrade, or to maybe try to give regular iSync/Hotsync a try and wait until MarkSpace has a chance to fix these bugs.

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    I've been using M|S 6 ever since I upgraded to Leopard and it's been working fine for me. (Although it feels like it takes longer to sync -- haven't checked the data -- just a feeling.)

    Here's my status w.r.t. the bug list:
    - Desktop Mounting Disabled with Leopard: not a big problem for me. I also use "Card Export" from Softick (been using that since before I used M|S). And if need be, I also use a card reader/adapter w/the SD card.
    - Birthday Calendar: Don't use it.
    - Error syncing Contacts: No problem (I only have 13 categories/groups).
    - "ICalExternalSync" error in Console.log: Hasn't happened to me.
    - "iCalExternalSync[33668] Invalid COUNT value in recurrence:<null>" error in Console.log: Hasn't happened to me, either.

    One thing that I do, however, is with each M|S upgrade and every Mac OS X upgrade, I do a sync reset, and have computer overwrite handheld for the AB, calendar and notes (the stuff that goes through the sync services). And I turn off dot Mac syncing for these first "re-" sync's. Keeps (IMHO) a fresh start. Afterwards, I'm back to my normal.



    Treo 650/PalmOne; Power Mac G5, 1.6 GHz, 1.5 GB; Mac OS X 10.5.3; Missing Sync|Palm 6.04
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    Herbslick gives a great detailed response, but FWIW I'm having no problems at all with MS 6 and Leopard.

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