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    i'm having a few issues with my centro, wanted to see if anyone was having the same ones, or had possible solutions. i'm not very tech savvy, so solutions might take some distilling.

    1. is there any way to get it to thread my gmail? everytime i send a message, it tells me i have new mail, and then i see that my new mail is simply the message i just sent to someone else. i believe i use the versa mail system.

    2. i bought a 4gb kingston memory card, and am having trouble getting my centro to always recognize it. when i go to card info, it always says no card inserted. so i take the card out, put it back in (with the help of a paper clip or business card), and wait 5 minutes, and then my centro will recognize it so i can play music, but as soon as i'm done playing music and check card info, it says "no card inserted" again. anyone else having this problem??!! its driving me bonkers! do i need to buy a particular brand? is there something i'm doing wrong?
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    I kind of use a weird way to check my email. I have Versamail alert me and I use the GMAIL app for Palm to check my mail. I get the look and feel of GMAIL, and the threading messages too. Not a lot of extra features though. In NO WAY the best way to do it, just my way.
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    a MUCH better way of getting "notifications" would be to just set gmail to forward to you via text. then you wouldn't have to run versamail and would save on battery life. plus it would be like push email cause you would be notified almost instantly. then you can use the gmail app to read the email.
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    If you google the 4GB Kingston card, you'll find most people seem to have problems with this particular card. The 4GB SanDisk doesn't appear to have the problems.
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    Gmail - there's a way you can show only the emails of other people. It's in the Gmail settings/prefs page - haven't done it myself, but I have heard of others who have done it.

    4gb card - Used to be an issue until I formatted it with my laptop and again with my Centro. 4gb is the most the phone can format, though since it won't format my 8gb sandisk. Centro seems to read just fine if you format via pc and simply add the necessary folders.
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    At first, I had similar problems with my Palm Centro recognizing 4GB Kingstom card, but after putting lots of pictures (over 2GB) and some MP3 and WAM songs (about 60-70 MB), Centro doesn't lose track of the card and I do not have to re-insert it at all.
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    I also have the same problem with a Kingston 4GB card, where it will sometimes disappear and have to be popped out then back in again to recognize. Once, it happened in the middle of my 3am scheduled backup, and it screwed up the formatting of the card, and had to reformat it. Fortunately I had a backup of my backup from a few days earlier. I'll have to try a different brand and see if it works better.

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