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    At the end of this month (actually on July 1) California's new law takes effect requiring a hands free device when talking on the phone in the car. So I need a bluetooth car kit that will reliably pair with my Treo 700p. I really don't want a plug-in-your-ear device, but rather something that works well with my car stereo. Do any of you know of something that will really work, without having to re-pair every time I get in the car?

    I have considered this Pioneer unit:

    But it appears not to work with the 700p (I couldn't connect when I tried it at my local Best Buy store).

    I am also interested in this Parrot unit (assuming I can get one in California before the end of the month):

    But apparently the Parrot units don't work well with the 700p either.

    Any solutions? I'll bet there are a lot of others like me who will be scrambling for a solution in the next few weeks.

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    I had the Tellphone 4200 installed in my car, and it has been bulletproof with my 700p. Installer was not able to tap in to my stereo (factory Bose), though, and had to install an outboard speaker. The company appears not to sell this anymore, and it looks like this is the replacement:
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    Well, I have a DUAL XHD6425 w/ Bluetooth adapter in my car and it works great with my Treo 700P. I got the radio and BT adapter for $125 on eBay. You can also get it on Crutchfield or Amazon or a bunch of other places.

    Just last night I was using the HD radio and my brother called me while I was driving, so the music paused and I took the call. When the call ended, the music resumed. I've also used the A2DP feature of Softick Audio Gateway to stream my MP3s from my Treo 700P to the XHD6425. Sounds great. An occassional skip in the music, but then again, the 700P was never designed originally to handle A2DP, so I have to give credit to Softick for how smooth the whole situation works.

    Anyway, really nice setup for an inexpensive price. You get HD Radio, Bluetooth (with the adapter), a USB port on the front, HD Radio and a 3.5mm aux port on the front of the radio. Great features for the price.

    Negatives are that you can't tranfer your phonebook to the radio. This is not an issue to me as I mount my phone on a ProClip over the air vent. Also, the radio preset buttons are somewhat smaller than I would prefer. I did a more thorough review on Amazon if you're interested.
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    I have a parrot ck-3300 and a treo 700p and it works pretty well. the parrot unit is a fantastic unit, but sometimes the 700p drops the connection. I still have to do the 700p firmware update and convert to a 755p. I used my 755p with it for about six months and have had perfect perfprmance, but I cracked my 755p screen, so I am still using my old 700 untill I can replace the 755 screen.

    read up on the parrot units, they are very full featured. they also now carry headunits with full bt integration including phonebook, voice dialing, etc....
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    Hello there,

    I had posted earlier about Sony Xplod car stereo having these facilities. But there will be no privacy if we are talking when other peoples are there in our car. This is the latest version of the car stereo from Xplod.
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    You didn't tell us what car you had, because Parrot and/or have harnesses that connect to your car. I've used the Parrot Evo 3000 in my R32 with a 700p without problems...

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    I just purchased the latest Sony Xplod (BT2600) and it works flawlessly so far. The pairing was quick and uncomplicated and it even does what it says it can't do! If I'm on a call before I get in my car, as soon as I start it up seamlessly, right in the middle of talking, switches to the bluetooth. I don't have to do anything and there is no gap in the conversation. As soon as I cut the car off if I'm on a call, it goes straight back to the phone. Not even my blue tooth headset does that!

    Also, I recently decided to return a newly purchased Ipod and just go with my Centro for music. I'm glad I did, because I don't even need the auxiliary line (although the Sony does have one). It just streams the music straight to the speakers (I already had that ADP2 software installed for my BT stereo headset). I'm trying to decide if I should return the headphone adapter and cord and just stick to BT music, or if I should keep it for just in case.

    What I really can't figure out is why softick software now decides to play all formats on this Sony car unit, even songs I've downloaded and/or copied from CD to my hard drive.
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