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    Ignore my above post. I already read your previous updates. However, I did see that google just announced (on 9/11) that there is a MyLocation API that they are using to let for mobile include the MyLocation feature.

    If this is the case, it should mean that determinig the current location should be independent of the service provider.

    I should mention that the new with my location was not currently working on my centro - but I'm sure it will be available soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_LU353011 View Post
    When I leave my work "zone" and enter an unknown zone, I expected the profile to switch from "Quiet" to the default (Normal). It isn't doing this for me. Instead, it seems to remain in "Quiet" until I reach my "home" zone where I explicitly call out "Normal".

    Am I experiencing normal behavior?
    YES!!! (and I apologise for the late response to this query)

    That's the way it is expected to work. Unlike messaging and alerts, profile switch ONLY happens during entry (and NOT while exiting.) But you can set a TIMED profile to work around this limitation.

    - mvk
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