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    I had to delete my palm desktop 'cos of computer issues & therefore had to do a hard reset on my treo & create a new user name.
    I'm not very ggod with technology but i managed to find all my previous files (from my previous user name) & back up about everything except calender & contacts.In my backup files i have an address file-opened has 3 things in it:address DAT file 26KB,UiPrefs DAT file 1KB,address.bak BAK file 26KB & in a datebook file i have the same 3 files just replaced the 'address' with 'datebook'. Obviously (well obviously to me! lol) i cannot tranfer these files to my treo as they are like notepad files.
    Is there any way to retrieve my previous calender & contacts or have i blown it?
    permanently baffled by technology-what happened to pen & paper or slate & chalk!
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    Sounds like you have erased both copies of your addr / dtbk files. That being said, I can think of three possible ways to retrieve.

    #1 (Unlikely) Since your new to tech, you probably did not have an SD memory backup of your data. If by chance you did, you can restore from there. If not, get a copy of NVBackup which is free and allows you to back up you Treo to SD expansion every night while you sleep and allows you to restore in case of such disasters.

    #2 Look on your PC/Mac "Palm Treo" directories for files in the Archive or Backup Directories. The old ones or something close may reside. Make backups immediately and then copy them to yoursync directories and re-Hotsync your Treo until the data appears.

    #3 Do you ever backup the data on your PC/Mac? If so, go to your backup source and get the files.

    Whether these helps or not, always at least do the following:

    #1 Back your Palm data up to SD daily. It's almost effortless and will pay big rewards one day.
    #2 Make regular backups of vital PC data to some type of storage solution. Mistakes or HD failure gets everyone eventually.
    #3 Whenever you encounter a similar issue with hard resets or PC data corruption. Backup your last known good data ASAP, before trying to solve the problem by syncing etc.

    Just my $.02
    Patrick Horne
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    Thanks for the info Patrick!

    #1-i do have sd cards but never backed up to them. Will get the NVBackup for future disasters (i'm always 2 seconds away from technological disasters!lol)

    #2-i've looked in the archive & backup files but all i have are the .bak & .dat files which are notepad types.I'm currently running a search in case they've materialised somewhere else.

    #3-yes,i hot synch every day but because i had to delete my palm desktop it seems to have deleted my calender & contacs.

    oh well, live & learn as they say.

    Many thanks
    permanently baffled by technology-what happened to pen & paper or slate & chalk!
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    On the PC/Mac the file extension IS .dat for the Calendar (datebook.dat) and Contacts (address.dat). The backups are .bak.
    Patrick Horne
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    oh-i see.
    So,how do i get them back into my palm? they won't hotsynch-sorry if i'm being really dense here!
    I can't drag & drop them into my quick installer like i did with all the files in the backup folder.
    now i know you're looking at me in despair aren't you?? lol
    permanently baffled by technology-what happened to pen & paper or slate & chalk!
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    One answer you haven't given is that if the computer is Windows XP he can go back to a date that might restore palm before he removed the desktop and then copy the appropriate files he needs for his PIM data and then remove the restore back before the previous restore.
    The Bernster
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    Another easy solution is to use a device/card based backup solution that has the ability to backup the entire device. As mentioned above, NVBackup (free) and Resco Backup (gotta pay) are 2 good examples. I use Resco Backup for the extras it offers and when restoring the wife's Centro yesterday, that was the route I used to get the PIM files back.

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