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    So here's the problem: my wife does not like the fact that whenever she turns the radio on/off, the AT&T splash screen shows up and makes that chirp noise; she would like to disable the chirp. I told her one way to do it was to switch the mute switch, but she does not want to do that and asks me if there is a way to disable the chirp at all.

    I did not find anything elsewere to disable that chirp. I found though old ways to possibly switch the splash screen image with a custom one; I did that with my 600 back in the day. Anybody has a pointer here? An app that helps kill that splash screen with accompanying noise? A hack maybe?
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    In the Prefs app, I have Phone: Tones: Service Tone = Off and General: System Volume = Off, and I don't hear any tone when turning the radio on or off.

    I believe there is a way to change the splash screen image, but *something* will need to be displayed during the few seconds you are waiting for the network connection setup or teardown. Search the forums for "splash screen."
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    I have a Sprint Centro and I also have the system sounds off. I don't get the Sprint ring up/down when turning the phone off an on so in conjunction with what the previous poster said, I would guess that is the setting you want.
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    When I flipped the "mute" switch and then turned off the phone radio, the spalsh screen showed up, but no sound came through - which was nice because I had to do that while in a court room yesterday!

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    It would be nice to not have to disable any other sounds though. To be honest, I'm surprised more people haven't complained about the godawful "Ding-ding-a-ling!" sound....
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