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    Hi folks,
    I am going to set up 10 PDA's for the incoming group of new physician trainees in our program. Don't yet know if they will be Treo's or Tungsten E2's. But I do know that I may run up against the limit of the onboard memory with the software I preload for them. I may have to park some of the applications (and certainly as much database stuff) on the expansion card. Since some of these new trainee users will be brand new to PDA's, I do not want to confuse them with having to find applications on the card. I would prefer them to simply have categories of apps (a prominent one being "medical") and just click on the program they need, regardless of whether it resides on card or main memory. I will sleuth out which apps in particular must live in device memory and which can run from card. But I would appreciate recommendation on a launcher program which might allow categories of programs and which does not separate apps by whether on device memory or card memory as the native Palm launcher does. Oh, and I want it to be freeware! (blew entire budget for this little project on the PDA's and memory cards; this year we do it on the cheap as a demonstration; next year when everyone is fascinated and impressed, we all get Treo 800's, or at least that's my ambitious plan)

    -- Josh
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    I'd suggest Z Launcher, based on your requirement to run apps of the card. It's truly transparent once set up.
    Bob Meyer
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    ScrBtn (ScreenButton) freeware.

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