I have no use for programs like Addit, however as I was setting up my new 755P, on one of the syncs addit was on "sync" and it downloaded from the internet and pushed several files to the palm per the log. I know I can disable the conduit (and now have).

I also know based on reading posts, etc. that some form of addit is included in ROM anyway which of course you cannot get rid off.

My question is, what are all of those files that first sync downloaded to the device? Updated files of what was in ROM or additional files? It sure looks like some of them are using RAM?

I know it is not a lot of memory but I just can't stand programs that do this without asking...

All it seems to add to MyTreo is the support and bonus tabs. And of course you can download those bonus programs from the web anyway. Verizon users don't get the news or shopping or anything so what is the point?

So did that "push" download add anything useful? Quite frankly, I can't remember if MyTreo looked the same with with support and bonus tabs before that sync/push or not?

If it is bad I can just do a reset and re-sync, I have not added too many 3rd party programs yet. But don't want to over-react.