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    I'm sure this has been asked, but I can't find any references to it:

    When one starts typing in the daily view an untimed appointment is formed. Is there a way to tell it to make a floating event instead? Limiting the "New" button to floating event doesn't do it.

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    Try upgrading to Datebk6. When you select "New", you have the option of choosing these: Daily Journal, Todo, Floating Event, Appointment. (I can't remember if this was how it was set up in Datebk5 or not.)

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    An email response from Pimlico:

    >> I have looked carefully at the Datebook5 user manual and posted the
    >> question on Treocentral, but I haven't been able to determine the
    >> answer. When one starts typing (on a Treo, at least) in the Day
    >> View, an untimed appointment is automatically created. Is it
    >> possible to instruct the program to create a floating event by
    >> default when typing instead?

    No, but this is on the list of things to look at as a few people have
    requested this.

    What you might consider doing is setting up the NEW button to create a
    Floating event by default instead of popping up the list. Note that you can
    still access all the items on the Popup list with a Tap&Hold of the stylus
    (or you can do it with a finger without too much trouble.

    It would require another preference option....

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