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    Hi! I just got my third Treo (600 > 650 > 680) and it's an unlocked Cingular model, with the Cingular logo as the wallpaper. I've tried changing the wallpaper, and when I go into my options to do this, it shows the wallpaper I've chosen, but the phone still only displays the Cingular logo. Any sugestions? TIA!
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    I just got an unlocked 680 yesterday that I need for Italy in October. I loaded my photos, contacts and programs from my Centro onto it and then used one of my photos for the wallpaper and it worked fine. I've even changed it back and then back again, and fine. Have you tried a photo, or just the included wallpapers?
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    This was a regular photo I imported to the card. I went thorugh the correct steps, and as I said, in the options to set the wallpaper, it shows that picture, but the main screen of the phone continues to show the Cingular 'guy.'

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