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    I've had my Verizon Treo 700p for almost 2 years know. I've upgraded my plan to the 10mb plan about a year ago just for email. Recently, I just started using Blazer and was thinking of getting the unlimited plan. However, why don't I see full web pages as I see them on a computer? I also started using Airset and was hoping to access it from my Treo but it say it doesn't recognize my phone. Is this the way the web looks on Treo's? Thanks! -Joe
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    Try Opera Mini: Make sure you have J2me ( Java Virtual Machine) installed on Treo 700p before you install Opera Mini.
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    Blazer has a wide mode. Formats the page so that the layout is similiar to a normal computer/monitor. You will have to scroll left/right/up/down to view the whole page though.
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    it just sux, all palm os broswers suck when you expect anything of a normal experience
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    Where can I find the j2me download?
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    I just found this. Maybe someone else can help you.

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