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    I just bought a centro on ebay and had it unlocked so i can use it with t mobile, Its working great the only thing is that the keyboard does not light up and end key dont work. I noticed that on the centro it does not give me the option to hang up on the screen as the treo 600 and 650 did. Is there way to add this feature? I opened up my centro and found out that whole keyboard is a replacement unit? Could it be possible to switch out the board and i would have the keyboard backlight and end key working, plus the up key? thanks
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    On the GSM Centro, the "Red" button ends calls.

    But it does look like you bought a unit with a bad keyboard!
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    Is it possible you've just turned your keyboard backlight off? Pressing the white option button and the menu button on the keyboard toggles the keyboard backlight on and off.
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    Yeap so true tribble,I was doing that but nothing happend rgs. I bought a stolen centro from sprint and i just switched out the keyboard and now it works great. Thank You for ur help

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