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    I recently replaced my crashed 755p with a centro. So far I love it but for one strange problem:

    For the last few months, I've had Goodlink installed for work and versamail w/eas synced to my mail2web account for my personal e-mail and contacts. When I attempt to get this setup on my Centro, I get "please load Library ITPolicyBBC-secr" followed by "Issue with low memory or settings. Check available memory or go to Account Setup to check settings." These message also pop up when I reset the phone or anytime versamail tries to sync. I don't know what the problem is, but I know that it occurs when I install Goodlink. I've looked everywhere on this site, the Palm website, and sprintusers and no answer so far. Its strange because the setup worked fine on my 755 and, if anything, the Centro has less buggy software. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!
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    HELP ME!!!

    Mods, could we maybe move this thread to the Goodlink or communications forums? Thanks!

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