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    I just changed from a treo windows to the palm centro. I text message a lot, but am unable to find the auto cmplete that suggests words for you after inputting a letter or two. I know this feature must be available as it is in all the palm devices.

    Thanks so much!!
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    is that a 3rd party application? Where do I get it. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, go steelers. How about those penguins last night.

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    Hi! yes it is a 3rd party application. You can get it from Palmgear (or pocketgear I think it is called now), or perhaps handango. It works real well,although it may cause a little lag.

    Most of Pittsburgh is bleary-eyed today from being up so late to watch the Pens and then go to work! Tommorrow night's game should eb great....I will be there!!

    Go Pens and Steelers!!
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    thank you so much, i downloaded it, it works great. Thanks again. I hope I can repay the favor sometime. I am happy you be can be there tomorrow night. Please have an original hot dog and a slice of mineo's pizza for me!!

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