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    So ive got a quick question for everyone, is there any kind of an app or something that will allow me to use the mp3's on my phone as ringtones? or will i just have to suck it up and buy them from sprint.
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    Check this article out at the palm site.

    I just made an MP3 and made it into a ringtone using the instructions. One thing that isn't clear in the instructions was that you have to name the card. By default, a new SD card is named "Card". Blazer kept saying it couldn't access file:///Card. I went to the card utility and renamed the card to "MyCard", then followed the instructions and it worked! I prefer to make my own ringtones than buy them - that way I can get get the music I want, rather than search for something I like.
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    Minitones!!!!! It's freeware and allows you to "chop" up the song. It takes your mp3s that are on ur SD card and imports them onto the Centro's internal memory. Sorry about not including a link but I'm posting this from my centro.
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    Another program is RingCare DeskTop. Very easy to use. I'm computer challenged and I have NO problem with it.
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    yeah thank you all for your responses i did some research after i posted this and found the minitones thing and it works great.
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    Switch is another freebie for converting files to MP3 format. I did though purchase RingCare Desktop.
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    Speaking of ringtones, does anyone have any recommendations for converting the .pdb ringtone (on the Palm device) to something useable by a WM Palm device?

    I have googled for a while with nothing to show and did a small search on the forums.

    Any ideas?
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    I enjoy PhoneTechnician, not just a ringtones app

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