I have a Treo 700p. I have VersaMail use IMAP to handle emails with our Exchange Server (version 2003).

I want that my Sent Items on the Treo show up in the Sent Items in my Outlook/Exchange mailbox. So I tap on "sync server folders" and have it sync the Sent Items. Then it does it everytime I get mail on the Treo.

But the problem is it also synchs the Inbox. I don't want it to do that because if I read an email on the Treo, it then makes it show as "Read" on the server, and I don't always want it to.

Somehow in the past I got unchecking "Inbox" in Sync Server Folders to stick and it worked fine for about a year. But my Versa Mail got corrupt and I had to recreate it, so now I have the same problem.

Why is it doing this? I cannot seem to get this to "stick" once I Get Email once or twice it seems to have "Inbox" rechecked under "Sync Server Folders" and is quite annoying. Thanks for any help you can give.