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    I have had the 700p for about a year, and two chronic problems keep emerging. The first is that the device often freezes up, requiring me to wait sometimes as long as a minute (which can be a long time when trying to access information). Is there a software remedy I can try?

    Also, I have constant problems synchronizing my email. I often receive error messages saying I can't connect, and then after about 5-6 tries, it finally connects. Is this common? I am tempted to buy a blackberry instead.

    Thanks for any help with either of these items.
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    Have you done a hard reset on the device yet? I find my 700p runs much much better if I do a hard reset every 1-4 months. I know thats a terrible answer, but it has worked for me and many others...
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    One of the glitches of the 700p is that it does freeze up with the use of many applications. I've had that happen very often. Often times it can be with an application or the internet. I don't know of anything we can do to help that.

    I had the same problem with the email not connecting. I've found that after I've removed some emails or transferred my outlook inbox to another folder, it worked much better. Try that and see if it works.
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    What do you mean by "Freeze up"? As in it temporarily stops responding for a couple seconds or you need to do a reset? Do you have the Maintenance update isntalled on your 700p? Are you going in and out of network coverage at the time?

    I know I used to have similar problems with my 700 freezing and reseting. The MR update helped with the stability then in everything but Blazer... What I've found happening is that the PalmOS isn't efficiently using/clearing the DB Cache. When Blazer would go to load when that was near full, it would try clearing it and since it takes so long, the OS thought it froze and reset it! (look up the Watchdog feature of chips - such as the Moterolla 68k series - it's a similar concept). So, I've got two things in place to help me out:
    1) I use Flush-It! (one word but the forum thinks I said a cuss word when I combine it!) to flush the DB when there is less the 6mb free before an application tries to start.
    2) Like AngryCPA said, soft resets do help out. I have NVBackup doing nightly backups to my SD card at 4am. When it's done, it has the option to automatically reset the Palm.

    As far as the eamil issue, I've seen that happen in two scenario's:
    1) My desktop just happens to be trying to download mail at the same time!
    2) Certain towers have a problem with it. I know there's one spot - where I have great coverage - that will have that issue when I go to download my mail! (used to be predictably consistent but now seams to have been fixed)

    Hope that helps a little!
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    I use OffFlush which flushes at a specified percentage when you turn off the device. One also does a bit better if one uses UnCache or CleanStart.
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    I too have experience the freezing behavior you describe in all three (!) Palm 700P I've owned in the past 2 years (don't ask). It doesn't matter how many apps I have running, because this problem occurs on the factory machine as soon as I load my data. I was told by a Verizon CSR that this is a known issue with the OS that is (finally) eradicated in the 750p.
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    My 700p is a dream, but I did find some apps that I simply couldn't use. In addition, I found some apps like Kinoma required me to get rid of originals and not simply update on updates. In other words, delete old version and install new version.
    But for all that, it's still the best device I've had in a longtime. It gives me so much freedom and flexibility. It eliminated the need for multiple gadgets. I now only get reset problems when I switch back and forth between bluetooth headsets.

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