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    I have problems with yahoo mail - get an error saying userid and password not recognized. Same userid and password for years now. This started on my old Treo 650 and was an erratic problem that woudl persist for a few days and then clear up by itself. The problem occurs not just when logging in via versamail but also if signing on via the web browser. No problems of course when logging in on my computer.

    If I change my password via my computer and then change it back, things work via the phone for a short while and then I get the same error again.

    Any ideas? I can't find any information on this issue online and beginning to think it's a Palm OS issue and I need to return the phone and switch to a different platform.
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    I believe Versamail does not work with the free version of Yahoo.
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    I'm using Yahoo Plus (not free Yahoo) - and the issue is not simply a VersaMail issue. I have the same problem of going from being able to access email to getting the userid or password not recognized error whether I use versamail or blazer and web-based login access to get to yahoo mail. I similarly go from being able to access yahoo IM to not being able to unless I reset my Yahoo password via non-mobile access.

    I've been using yahoo and versamail for over a year now without this problem which began on my Treo 650 a few months ago and has persisted on the Centro.

    Will call yahoo support and see what they say - though from my previous experiences with yahoo support, I've found the message boards and trial and error more rewarding...
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    YahooPlus changed their settings in the last few months

    POp3 server:


    In Snapper for POP3 Im using Port 110 with checkboxes unticked for "APOP" and "CRAM-MD5" authentication and "No SSL" chosen

    For SMTP I use Port 25, with with checkboxes unticked for "POP before send" and "No SSL" chosen

    In general I have been finding yahoo much less reliable than it used to be, and cant see why Im paying the $20/yr to use it as my main email funnel, when my free gmail accts seem to be doing a better job

    hope this helps!


    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    Thanks Geoff.

    I called Yahoo and they did a "master reset" on my password. We'll see how long that works ...

    I also updated my POP and outgoing mail settings based on your suggestion. For some reason the outgoing setting didn't work so I reset it back to and things are working at least for now.

    I agree - gmail has been more reliable and provides a few more mail redirection etc option as part of its free service. I've been using yahoo mail for so long now that the hurdle to switching is high. That and Google's world domination business paradigm ...
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    Well it didn't last very long. Same problem has recurred. The yahoo folks are absolutely unhelpful. AT&T were at least able to have an intelligent conversation on the subject but maintained that this is a yahoo problem with my account.

    Oddly, when versamail and phone browser access don't work (always correlated) , Xpress Mail does work. Same password, userid etc What does this mean?

    I don't like Xpress mail because it deletes messages from my yahoo inbox when I delete on the phone... otherwise I'd just rely on it.

    I can log into my other yahoo email accounts just fine ...
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    This might be neither here nor there, but I started another post on the PalmOS Communications about having problems with Yahoo IMAP through Versamail.

    In trying to resolve the problem, I also was faced with "wrong user ID/password" messages. However, since I've switched back to POP3, everything has been running smoothly (although I definitely miss the advantages of IMAP). Also, did you receive any e-mails from Yahoo saying that you had been accessing your account in an unsecured manner? I did, and that's probably what prompted the change.


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