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    I have a Palm OS unlocked 680 (in red ) and I am trying to install the software on my Windows XP computer. I had a hard drive crash and when my friend set up the computer again, she called the main drive G: instead of C:, as the stuff from the C: drive was saved off somewhere else.

    Anyway, I put the disk in and it starts the install sheild wizard and then I get error message: Error 1327 Invalid drive C:\

    Then: The Wizard was interupted before Palm could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified.

    I tried downloading the version from the Palm website as well, but I get the same thing.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Demitria
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    I think im having similar problems.I have windows xp also but i have the software downloaded which is the palm desktop and the sprint music manager.The phone will sync fine but my computer wont recognize my phone as a drive.When i plug the phone in it keeps making a dinging like sound like its trying to connect but wont.Every once in awhile the install wizard will pop up and say cannot install hardware and that the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.I did some research on this but cant find anything and even called sprint with no luck.Can anyone help us out?
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    Wow, we got nothing! We must suck. I can't believe I'm the only person out there that doesn't have a c: drive.
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    [sending from my Treo, so foegive the lack of specifics.]

    @ Demitria: I had a somewhat similar problem a few years back; can't remember the details. Yes, it's shortsighted of the developers not to give you the option of choosing the target drive/directory, but given the # of shortsighted developers out there, you should probably bend to their will. In other words, find a way to a) change your G: drive label to C:, and b) find an app to change all your registry/shortcut/etc. mappings from G: to C:. I'm way out of date on this, but PartitionMagic DriveMapper was an option the last time I had to do this. You're not getting much response b/c this is a PC issue, not a Treo issue (beyond the aforementioned shortsighted developers). If you can't Google a solution, try a PC forum.

    @ICON76: Again, I'm out of practice, but the last I checked, no Palm acts as an external drive out of the box. I think you need 3rd-party software (like Card Export II) to treat the Treo as a card reader/external drive.
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    Thanks, at least that's something to work with. I'm not the super techie, but I'll see what I can do.
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