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    Well I just did the 755 firmware update and I noticed something that I had never seen happen before. At 2 am last night, my treo spontaneously lit up and attempted to connect to palm`s server wirelessly. It was sitting on the desk by itelf and I hadnt even touched the phone. I did not program this to happen at any point. It looked as if a remote source was trying to download data from my treo to some other server or "mypalm" center. Has anyone else seen this? Maybe its harmless, but it looks very fishy to me. Is this palm backup beta or something?
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    For a very long while, pre- and post-update, my 755p would do something every day at 3AM. About twice a week, that something would result in the phone locking up (complete freeze) stopping everything including the internal clock. All would be made right with a soft reset. Of course, while frozen I would miss calls, alarms, etc.

    I got a copy of Palminternals (free I believe--just goggle it) and found out that an "alarm" in their language was set every day at 3AM by some unknown program.

    I suspected a pre-beta version of BizConnectPE. I have had to remove BCPE for other reasons (Sprint took down the server and may never release it). Since then Palminternals no longer shows any 3AM alarm.

    I suggest you get Palminternals and see what you can learn.

    I have asked a number of time but NOBODY HERE SEEMS TO USE BCPE????

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    It could be MyTreo pinging the Palm servers. Go into MyTreo, menu key, select "Update", turn off auto updating and see if it stops.

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