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    Is there anyway to change the carrier name. There is software to do it on the iphone but after searching i couldnt find anything for treo 650. I would love to change it from O2-UK to a proper company like AT&T, Sprint, Nextel or Verizon.


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    You mean when the radio is turned on or where?
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    When the radio is turned on the name goes from Phone Off to O2-UK. I am wondering if there is software to change the name from O2-UK to anything like the iPhone hack.

    Heres the link to the iPhone hack...
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    Isnt that changing the splash screen. I want to change the carrier name.

    The part at the top that says Phone Off switches to the carrier you are on when you turn the phone on. Mine changes to O2-UK since I am in the UK. I want to change that text to another name. I would like to change the name to something like Cingular or Sprint, just for fun. Is there any software to do it like the iPhone one or do I have to change the rom or can I not do it at all.

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    yes, thats what i want to do but like he says he powered off the phone and it change back. What i want is some software that you type in the carrier you want and it changes just the name. like makeitmine for iPhone. Thanks anyway to you guys.


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