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    I love my Centro and the brightness of the screen, but cannot see the screen outside in the sunshine. It is boating and golfing season season - does anyone have any settings that have enabled them to see the screen better outside?

    I use Takephone, so have family pics for dialing, know where to push to call, but can't see incoming texts or other calls.
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    Option P - does that work?
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    I live in Floridaand can see the creen fairly easily when outside, if I have the screen at full brightness. The only time I can't see the screen in the daylight hours is in Camera Mode.

    Other than that - all I can suggest is a bigger hat brim?

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    I normally keep my screen brightness rather low since I use it inside most of the time, so when I go outside, I usually have trouble reading the screen. I just use option+P to bring up the brightness control and slide it up to a brighter setting. That's usually sufficient for me. If setting the brightness to its maximum value doesn't make it bright enough for you to see outside, I'm not sure what else you can do except maybe try to use it in a shady area.
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    I use the Boxwave anti-glare screen protector on my 700w and my new centro. It works great and easy to put on.
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    Thanks for your answers to my question. I knew there was a way to check Brightness, couldn't find it. I did turn it up yesterday and it helped.

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