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    I just got my centro today and trying to setup my email account with versamail. My question is when setting up auto sync and trying to select the days I want that account to be checked which is 7 days a week is the boxes where you choose the days suppose to be highlighted grey or blue? Sorry if this has been asked before or a real dumb question the email im tryign to set up is gmail is there any other information I need as well to setting up that account?
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    The color for the days you don't sync is the same as the color for the start time and end time fields. The color for the days you do sync is the same as the color of the hour when you click on the start time and it lets you change the hour.

    Whether those two colors are grey & blue or something else depends on what color theme you have chosen in the system-wide Preferences application. Some themes make it easier to distinguish between highlighted and not highlighted.

    (Note: this info is based on Treo 650 but is probably the same for Centro.)
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