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    Wondering if anyone can assist me on this. we own several treo 650's and 680units and find that both models are famous for locking up during transmission of data. The system locks up screen stays awake and everything is frozen.
    Hard to explain but we cannot do a reset so when we return the units have completely drained out of battery.

    We are looking for some kind of fix or mod that resolves this as its killing the work use.
    the units are in a solid reception area.
    The info on the system is..

    Software: treo 650-1.20-LAP
    Hardware - A

    On the 680, we did the patch re the camera drain and other issues but still have it locking up during data transfers.

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated...
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    How long since the last hard reset? Try it with stock software and see what it does.

    Also, no need to get the battery drain out when it locks, just pull the battery and put it back in.
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