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    In my Treo 650 Prefs, I have the power set to auto-off after 3 minutes.

    However, when I'm looking at a contact or notes, the backlight goes out in 30 seconds unless I'm touching the screen every few seconds. Is there a way to set it to stay on at least a minute, or maybe longer? TIA.
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    that is odd, that auto-off selection should work on any screen you are in. There is a little free program called Always On. After installation, it over-rides the Palm's auto-off and you can set it for any amount of time, from seconds up to 5, 10, 20 30 minutes to Always On. It is not suggested that you set it to Always On though. I use it on my 755 and my DH's 650. We have it set to 15 minutes.
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