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    My preowned unlocked 650 has:

    firmware: 01.51
    Software:Treo 650-1.17-CNG

    do I need to upgrade to 1.20-ENA or otherwise?
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    I have an AT&T 650 with the same Firm/Soft. Should I upgrade? Does the upgrade improve the BT?
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    I see now the 1.20 is for unlocked. The Palm site shows that the latest for at&t is 1.17, my software is 1b.17

    What does the b mean?
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    i just chatted with a palm rep. my phone has firmware 1.51 and treo 650-1b.17-CNG. i was told that i didn't need to update. phone was already unlocked. hope this helps. still shows cingular stuff.
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    june 30 08. i had tried to enter unlock code before i posted previous message and transposed numbers so it did not unlock. when i tried again later i entered right numbers and sim lock was unlocked. so my phone now has a t-mobile sim and number in a cingular branded phone. now i just need to get rid of the old contacts and emails. so i guess palm rep meant latest cingular version. will try a custom rom cng to ena later.

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