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    I am a former 650 owner but it was stolen from my desk right out of the cradel last summer and it took me 12 months of playing around with other phones before buying another 650 on ebay. I missed the little things I loved about my 650.


    where do I find the call log?

    mine is cingular branded and unlocked:

    Firmware: 01.51
    Software: Treo 650 - 1.17-CNG
    Hardware: A

    Do I need to upgrade this?

    I remember when I purchased my 1st 650 in the spring of 2006 I played around a lot with it as far as software and custom ROMS, etc, but do not remember what I did, and it really feels as though I am starting all over again because I barely remember how to navigate through this thing. A perfect example is my call log question lol

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    I think the retarded subject here is clear from all the posts.. Read the manual, search this forum, etc..
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    at&t Treo 680, SW 2.11-ATT
    Cingular Treo 650 Unlocked, SW 1.17-CNG/FW 1.51

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