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    My Sprint 755p was rock solid, until I installed the latest update a few months ago. Since then, I have gotten a "your device memory is low" message three times. When I removed the battery to reset, the phone proceeded to do a hard reset, with loss of all data.

    Anyone else have this happen?
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    You have to confirm a hard reset. Have you tried a warm reset? I have never heard of your condition.

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    You have to confirm a hard reset when you choose to perform one. What he is talking about is the treo auto hard resets and wipes out everything on its own.

    This has happened twice on my 755 and a few times on previous treos. No idea why it happens...
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    Over the last 3 months my 755 as done a hard reset on provoked 4 times. Now I can't get the phone to back up the contacts, calender, or memos. I now it is gonna happen again where I lose everything new. I believe it is connected to the bluetooth & a2dp. Also the phone as been doing countless soft resets, especially when the bluetooth headset is in close proximity to the handset. Any suggestions?
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    Is the problem there after a hard reset without anything installed?
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    Are you using a backup program like nvbackup to do nightly backups? Do not just rely on hotsyncing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    Are you using a backup program like nvbackup to do nightly backups? Do not just rely on hotsyncing.
    I usually perform a hotsync daily, so it's not a bid deal to get everything back, but it is still a PITA...especially if I'm not near my computer when it happens.

    I really love the 755, but I'm getting tired of the hard reset problem. I think I'm going to try the 3G Iphone when it is released. I've been with Palm for many years, and I really wish that their platform was more stable.
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    have you considered locking your preferences? Reset Doctor has that options and back when I had my first 700P it was the only thing that kept this from happening.
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    nvbackup will allow you to recover no matter where you are. It's worth looking into and it's free.
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    I agree with using Nvbackup. I never rely on hotsyncing anymore & like being able to do a selective restore as well. Too much garbage seems to collect with time on a palm that causes resets and error messages like your memory is low - even if its not. A fresh install coupled with a selective restore has worked flawlessly for me - and I do one about every 4-6 months.
    You might also try something like Safeguard.

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