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    Is anyone using a Centro paired with a Garmin Nuvi 360? If not, does anyone know if the Centro supports "OOP" or open object push? This is a Bluetooth feature that allows a BT handfree unit to display lots of info (e.g. recent calls, missed calls and phonebook). some very handy and useful info when one pairs this GPS with a compatible phone. I'm attracted by the ability to see this info on a larger, more readable, display while driving in addition to the obvious benefits of the navigation unit.
    Mark Bergman
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    I have my Centro paired with my Nuvi 760, and it displays recent incoming, outgoing (dialed), and missed calls. As for the phonebook, only my built-in phone app's favorites are displayed. The good thing is that the Centro allows for 70 possible favorites (5 pages of 14), if you had nothing but speed-dial numbers as favorites, of course. Once paired, you are able to call any POI with which a phone number is associated. This includes any custom POI's that you may have entered.

    The sound quality is quite good using the Nuvi's built-in speaker, but excellent when using the Nuvi's audio out jack connected directly to my car's stereo system. I absolutely love not having to do anything each time I get in the car. The Centro checks in with the Nuvi as soon as the Nuvi is powered up, and then displays the light blue headset icon in place of the standard bluetooth icon. In this mode, all incoming calls are handled by the Nuvi, until you choose to transfer a call's audio back to the Centro. In fact, if I turn the Nuvi off while on a hands-free call, the audio is seamlessly transferred back to the Centro, and the caller is unaware.

    My 760 came with a free real-time traffic information receiver and a free 6-month subscription to live traffic. I used it so much, that I renewed that subscription as soon as it ran out. The best part is that I can take the Nuvi and all of its amazing functionality with me wherever I go. To me, the Nuvi/Centro combo easily delivers one of the most reliable and convenient handsfree experiences out there.
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    My Centro wont pair with the Nuvi 360. If anyone has success - please let me know.
    Mark Bergman
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    Sprint Centro and Nuvi 360 works great!
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    I finally got my Centro and 360 to pair up.I'm curious what functions quick death sees? I have the favories, call history and manual dialing. No access to the full phone book. Are yu getting anything else? Are you using the GSM or CDMA version?
    Mark Bergman
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    I have a Nuvi 660 and was able to get my entire Centro phone book onto the Nuvi. Like some of you, I found that by default I only got my first phonebook entry showing up on the Nuvi. But I figured out how to get the whole phonebook transferred over. I imagine this works for all Nuvis.

    First, pair your Nuvi with your Centro.

    1. Go to your phone contact list on the Centro.
    2. Make sure "All" is shown for the category.
    3. Press the Menu button.
    4. Select Send Category
    5. On the Send With screen, select Bluetooth
    6. On the Discovery Results screen, select your Nuvi. Click OK.
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    Great posting on moving one's phone book to the Nuvi. it worked on the 360. Beware, that the phone book will be sorted by first name by default.
    Mark Bergman

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