Hi guys,

We have just posted the latest SMS Commander 1.07 Beta on our website.

Here are some of the changes:

1. NEW: Added cmd:dial or any-number-remote-dialing. Most of the networks have an access number where you can check the call/SMS balance. Now, you can dial this access number even while you are away from your Treo. And then automatically forward the SMS to another mobile phone (if SMS forwarding is enabled). This feature is not designed to listen to someone's private conversation without them knowing. We highly discourage EAVESDROPPING through SMS Commander. Please check your local laws about this. Suntzu Software will not be liable for any unlawful use of this software.


To initiate a call remotely, just send cmd:dial [phone number to dial] [your password]. cmd:dial +14851234567 mypassword.

2. NEW: Added cmd:radiooff or remote turn radio off. Requires Radio version 2.0. "This is extremely useful if I forgot the phone at home and do not have another phone to forward information to. By switching off the phone connectivity I am sure people would simply leave messages and the phone won't ring at home (disturbing my family) for no reason."

Thanks to Maya Rozenshein, PalmAddicts Associate Writer for the suggestion.

3. NEW: Added option to breakdown long SMS to individual 160-character SMS. This is designed for Sprint users who are experiencing forwarding a garbled SMS if it exceeds 160 characters long.

Thanks to Jermaine Johnson of J2 Technologies, Inc. for the report.


4. FIXED: Minor Hide password bug.

5. UPDATED: cmd:help. Added cmd:dial and cmd:radiooff remote commands.

Please get it from www.suntzu-software.com/beta.htm or just use your Treo on-board updater (requires GPRS or PPP connection).