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    Palm now has the 3262NA with the software for $99. I think they first had it for
    $299. That was a bit much but $99 seems good if the unit works. Has anyone got on of these? It's the cradle with the GPS receiver and mike and speaker built in. Uses Tom Tom 6 software.
    My wife has a Tom Tom One 3rd edition and it works great. If this is as good it would be one less thing to drag around.

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    I like the stand alone Garmin Nuvi
    Treo 700p--> New to Treo Pro (SERO)
    GO BEARS!!!
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    ...esp. as you can get a nuvi 750 for 299 from sams...or go to best buy and show them the sams site; my local BB would price match...that GPS normally costs 499+
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    That's a great deal if you like the idea of keeping things integrated.

    Nice catch Ziggy123!
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    That's a great deal. Do you have a link because I can't find it on the Palm site?
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    Looks like the deal is dead. I can't find it on the website anymore either.
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    It was under GPS accessories for 700p. They had that one and the $189 one.
    Oh well I got mine and it works fine. Much smaller than my wife's but the voice is loud so you don't need to squint at the screen.


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