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    The program on the Sprint Centro is called "instant" messaging and the lag when in the background is at least 5-10 minutes. That is far from instant. I know there are 3rd party applications, but I have yet to find one that is not a battery vampire and stable. I just wish that since Sprint had OZ make their IM program that they could have got it right. My kid has a Sidekick and the IM app on there is made by OZ and is close to perfect. Too bad I'm 41 and don't want to carry around a Sidekick.
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    It is hardly an IM app. I have timed it several times. 95% of the time the sms app is much faster than the IM. I have used Mundu and it seemed okay, but I just don't use I'm enough to warrant me paying for it.
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    I tried the IM on both my Sprint 755p and Sprint Centro when I was setting it up - the built in IM IMO doesn't really work like a true computer IM unless I am doing something wrong because when the other phone responds it gives me a link to clink on and then it looks like an IM window.

    Texting seems more like IM to me - granted you can't see all of your buddies online - but I think mobile texting is better for sending and receiving messages.

    Btw it take about 30seconds to get the link from an IM - texting takes about 15seconds or less to see the response.
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    The built in IM application pretty much just forwards texts. Mundu and Toccer drain the battery because they are actual IM programs that have you always connected to the network.

    You just gotta decide which you rather have. Use the network for instant messaging or use texts. You can't get it both ways.
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    I don't know, man. My kid's Sidekick does not use SMS and granted the battery is a little bigger than my Centro's, but she gets over a day on a full charge and she is a text/IM maniac. She leaves her IM running on her Sidekick, 24/7. I don't see how Palm/Sprint could not ask OZ to make a program that runs in the background is stable and is not a battery killer and can give you instant notification of an IM. Either way, I love my Centro. My first PDA and it really does make business easier with a full keyboard and push email. I guess I can't have it all.
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    The sidekick is different because everything is handled by the Danger server backend, which doesn't exist for the Centro (or any Sprint phones for that matter). The sidekick can also multitask with its integrated apps, which Palm OS does not do.

    On a side note, the WM version of the IM app is far, far faster. Part of the reason is that Palm OS doesn't multitask, so the app updates your contact list/etc every time you go back to the app. You don't even encounter this on WM.

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