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    Every now and then my phone spontaneously soft resets immediately when i receive an incoming call. This also occurs when I make outgoing calls to as well. This happens only when my samsung WEP200 headset is linked to my phone (when the bluetooth function of the phone is turned off, resets don't occur at all). Anybody else experiencing this problem? Which bluetooth headset would work without problems?
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    the list of compatible headsets for treo 755p are listed in the palm website.
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    Sprints Bluetooth Compatability list:

    Treo 755p compatibility with Bluetooth accessories, headsets and car kits

    The Samsung WEP200 bluetooth is listed as being compatible with Palm TREO but my 755P continually resets, disconnects when using the WEP200. I started having this problem with the 700P, after 3 replacements I was given the 755P and the problems continue. I have hard reset many times, removed all 3rd party software, deleted all trusted bluetooth devices and added back just the WEP200 but still the phone randomly soft resets, disconnects calls etc.

    I am close to jumping ship for the new Blackberry Curve 8330 but am hoping to find someone who has a solution for this TREO disconnect problem. If I turn bluetooth OFF on the TREO and strictly use it handheld it appears to be mostly stable but even then it will randomly disconnect and soft reset on occasion. I hate to give up all my Palm software and accessory items accrued over the years but this phone is rapidly becoming impossible to use. Is there any hope for a PALM fix or an end user solution?

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