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    Ok... I'm a bit slow when it comes to these... smart *** phones....
    I have Alltel

    I just purchased the Palm Treo 650... I want to do something.. most people think is a simple task.

    I want to bluetooth ringtones from my Moto Rokr to my new Palm 650.... I have the Rokr on my palm as... trusted devises.... but it will not connect... bluetooth - whatever you call it....

    Can any please give me some help? I thank you in advance and I pray to God and Baby Jesus that someone out there can...

    Jeff Barkley
    Jonesboro, AR
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    you can't use most "purchased" ring tones for the 650. I use "mini-tones" to make my own. Its the best freeware app for ringtones I've found. there are plenty of other shareware apps available as well.
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    if you mean send the "default" ringtones from the Moto, you can't. They will be software locked. If you mean your custom ringtones then you should just be able to send them through the "send via bluetooth" function.

    hope this helps


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